We had twitch streams to understand the game narrative, how storytelling is used in a game, sounds, effects and several other factors of the game design.

Bound, God of War, Detroit: become human, Journey and Ghost of Tsushima were the games streamed by our faculty.


Bound is all about a…

Colour and profession do not describe a person's life. Life is filled with ups, downs, struggles, different races and cultures. Being in the lap of the green continent of Africa I have been living in Mozambique for years and have observed people, culture, food, occupation and breathtaking views. I see…


Went through a few basics of game design for a better clarification on how to build and design games from scratch.

Action Blocking or Modification

Action blocking or modification is about blocking your actions which is based on the turns of the dice and modification is the way of…

Date: 23–04–2021

Twitter bots have been around for a while, I learnt about few similarities in grammar of the art assignment bot and magic bot, it had a verb in the beginning and a noun in the sentence.

Branching out

Learnt a new meaning of content free grammar which is all about starting at point A and branching out in different ways.

We then experimented handson work on Crystal Code Palace which was my favourite and fun activity to do. I loved the fun Saturday with a bit of early morning dose of new lessons.

Date: 18–2–2021, Game Design

This session was very fun we had a chat regarding bots such as Discord bots, Slacks etc. Our Batchmate created a Discord bot and we experimented with the bots, it was super fun overall. The session was followed by discussing some fun projects we wanted to create and ideation for the project.

Date: 12–2–2021, Data Visualization

This session was all about understanding the process of ingredients in a particular recipe A-Z all the backend, frontend and everything, everyone involved in the process of making a particular recipe. Cooking has always been my favourite part but collecting data behind the scenes of a particular ingredient was surely more tough than cooking the final product. We browsed through Rural India and the platform seemed extremely interesting to me. We were introduced to the book “Travels through South Indian Kitchen” by Nai Saito, where she talks about how for a traveller, a household kitchen in a strange land is usually a remote destination, but it is one that tells the truth about food and everyday life.


Date: 11–2–2021

Started the session with the most popular industrial designer Dieter Ram and his principles of good design. All the 10 principles of Dieter Ram talks about how a good design is innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, detailed environmentally friendly and simple. It has always been difficult for me as an interaction design student to follow all of this during my foundation year but definitely has tried the best to keep all of this in my mind while working on a project. The session was good and all of us kept discussing games played in the olden era and the software and hardware used for it.

My heart belongs to the details. I actually always found them to be more important than the big picture. Nothing works without details. They are everything, the baseline of quality.”

Dieter Rams

Predictions to Accuracy

Date: 5–2–2021, Data Visualization

First session and how scared I was to again fall in the poodle of some subject related to number….I mean a lot of numbers!!! From being a person hating numbers to now being someone who’s gradually started being drawn towards data. How interesting…

Date: 4–2–2021

This was the first class of Game design was all about us presenting at first and discussing our thoughts on famous board games from the year 2015–2020.All of us presented some interesting games but it was unbelievable when I came to know about Pandemik as a game. Pandemik as a…

Khushma Chandarana

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