Date: 4–2–2021

This was the first class of Game design was all about us presenting at first and discussing our thoughts on famous board games from the year 2015–2020.All of us presented some interesting games but it was unbelievable when I came to know about Pandemik as a game. Pandemik as a game was invented before the covid-19 pandemic came into being, the game consisted of all strategies and saviour of patients fighting the pandemic. There was a game people played in the old period to survive the state of Hunger for years and while playing the citizens didn’t even realize that they hadn’t eaten for years and even under the British raj in India people would play games as a mode of survival. In the modern India it was frowned up games such as cat fights, bird fights etc..

Difference between Industrial design and visual communication design. Industrial design has very little subjectivity, bit of tech and engineering. Visual design around a product and communication for the car which attracts people to purchase, It has a lot of room for subjectivity and both are services. However, Interaction design is the only discipline in the world which is a part of both Industrial design as well as communication design. When users play mobile games the designer sets a certain challenge and the user starts to think how to accomplish challenges faced in a particular game.

TedTalk by Jane McGonigal talks about how people in a very old era used playing games as a motivation to survive, she started institute of play in New York and she personally feels any place can be rewarding.

(followed by presentation 5–2–2021)