Date:5–03–2020 Game Design

I am not a gamer nor do I have any idea about all the games but our class was led by an interesting talk about two games Bound and God of War. I heard these games for the first time, but I was excited to play the game when we talked about them.


This game makes true sense to me because it talks about moving on. Bound did not have a fixed brief. It all begins with a pregnant woman sitting a the beach and reliving her childhood through a series of pictures she had. It was a major challenge for the designer to create a game that is all about moving on. The character of the game dances during the game to depict moving on. Initially, the language and sound weren’t discussed but currently, the gameplay has a very soothing sound.

We then started talking about how actually it is to move on actuality, we usually get carried away by emotions such as love, breakup, financial breakdown, family issues but at some point, all of us strongly stand up with a smile and move on in life.


God of war was released in 2005 on PlayStation and in 2018 a father-son version was released. The game is all about Kratos teaching his son to be a god and his son teaching Kratos to be a human again. The father-son duo and the character design is very attractive In the gameplay.

All these games and their storyline has given me an understanding of games are supposed to be designed and how each element is focused on.